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Leg Ulcer


Severe, prolonged high pressure in the veins of the legs, known as chronic venous hypertension, may cause skin ulcers, or venous stasis ulcers, to develop.  These ulcers may range in location from the mid-calf to the toes, but the most common location is near the inner aspect of the ankle. While local wound care, elevation, elastic compression, and treatment of infection may heal a venous stasis ulcer, treatment of the venous problem underlying the condition is essential to prevent recurrent ulcers.

For the same reasons that chronic venous hypertension may cause a venous stasis ulcer, it may also prevent healing of a minor traumatic skin wound.  Minor wounds of the distal lower extremity should show signs of healing within a week.

If you have a leg ulcer or poorly-healing wound, call MD Vein & Skin Specialists to help you sort out the possible causes.


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